How to Cook the Perfect Shrimp Boil with Old Bay Seasoning

Introduction: Why a Shrimp Boil is One of the Best Meals for a Crowd

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The following article will outline the process to prepare a shrimp boil for a crowd.

A shrimp boil is one of the best meals for a crowd because it is easy to make, delicious, and inexpensive. It also provides enough food for up to 12 people.

The ingredients needed are:

– 6 pounds of large raw shrimp

– 1 quart of melted butter

– 3 tablespoons of Old Bay seasoning

– 3 tablespoons of salt

– 4 quarts of water

How to Make and Cook a Shrimp Boil in 5 Steps

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This is the perfect dish for a party, because it can be made in advance and served at room temperature.

This is a recipe for boiled shrimp. I will show you how to make and cook it with five easy steps.

1) In a pot, add some water, salt and old bay seasoning. Bring to a boil on high heat.

2) Add the shrimp to the pot and immediately reduce the heat to medium-high or medium-low (depending on your stove). Cook for 8 minutes or until done.

3) Remove from heat and serve warm or cold with lemon wedges, cocktail sauce, fresh chopped herbs like parsley or dill, or any of your favorite dipping sauces.

Final Thoughts

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Even though shrimp season is coming to an end, we should not forget the joy of cooking and eating these little crustaceans. This recipe is perfect for any occasion and it’s so easy to make. Enjoy!

Final Thoughts:

Season shrimp with old bay seasoning, bake in the oven for 12 minutes or until they are pink and opaque. Serve with lemon wedges, if desired.

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